10 Places to visit in Florida

Florida the sunshine state

Which its long stretches of coastline and bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Aptly named as the Sunshine coast for its warm climate but also known for its extreme weather conditions and famed theme parks, beach parties, and jet-setters.  It is a very popular tourist destination and we have listed ten places that should be on everyone’s list of things to see and do in Florida, especially when you bring your own luxury car rental with you.

10 Places to go and things to do in Florida

#1           Bluefoot Pirate Adventure in Fort Lauderdale
A day of adventure on the Fort Lauderdale waterways as you set sail on a pirate ship.  A fun family outing where you get to dress like a pirate, seek hidden treasure and blast water cannons in a battle on the high seas.

#2           Snorkel with the Manatees
Manatees the gentle cows of the sea have been found to have memories like that of the dolphin.  Places such as Captain Mikes offers tours that provide all the gear you will need to snorkel with these magnificent creatures and get up close to them.

#3           The Ringling Museum
The legacy of Mabel and John Ringling who intended it for the people of Florida as an art museum.  Today the museum incorporates an art museum, the Asolo Theatre, the circus museum and the Ringlings mansion which is now a resort hotel.

#4           Everglades Airboat Tours
Skim over the swamplands, see alligators, birds, snakes and the grasslands as you go.  A fun-filled educational adventure.

#5           Gatorland
Florida home of the Gator and a few other rather daunting critters.  Gatorland is filled with fun packed adventure such as zip lines over gator pits, off-road adventures and you can even wrestle a live gator or two!

#6           Kennedy Space Center
For the budding astronaut, this is a great day trip and tour.  You get to tour NASA’s launch center, there is the Astronaut encounter show and for an upgraded price you can even lunch with an Astronaut.

#7           Kayak through the Mangrove Tunnels on an eco-tour
A family-friendly tour for all ages and kayak experience this tour takes you through the Mangrove tunnel where you are bound to encounter a few Manatees and or dolphins.

#8           The National Naval Aviation Museum
Filled with more than 150 beautifully restored airplanes representing that of the Coast Guard, Marines and Navy this museum is filled with history.  It has a few attractions and exhibits that change throughout the year.

#9           The St Augustine Wildlife Reserve
This reserve has many tours where you get to see the big and smaller cats as well as a tiger taking a bubble bath.

#10         The Ernest Hemmingway Home and Museum
Wander through the home of one of the most famous writers.


Due to Florida’s extreme weather conditions, it is always best to check on any impending storms or severe weather warnings a day or two before you travel to avoid the frustration of delays and or cancellations at the very last minute.